Thursday, July 2, 2009

Reading Logs, Trains, Ducks, and Water Shoes

Hadley signed up for the summer reading program at the library this year, and when you finish the activities on the Reading Log, you're supposed to take it in and have it signed. On Monday we did that, except we had one activity we needed to complete, and that was to talk to a librarian about a book we've read. So Hadley talked to a librarian about the book Cowlick, which is about a sneaky cow who walks into the boys' bedroom at night and gives them a big lick on their heads, creating very messy hairdos.

Hadley did not like this book. At all. She was angryat and scared of the cow, and wanted nothing to do with the story. So I was a little nervous about what she'd say when we talked to the librarian about the story. But Hadley did fine. She wanted to show the librarian the picture of the cow licking the boys' heads, and the librarian did a great job of showing concern because Hadley was on a mission in search of this important piece of information, all the while explaining to her what this story was all about.

Here's a picture of Hadley with her completed log before we went into the library:

Yesterday the girls and I went looking for something called "water shoes." Hadley needs them for preschool and so far I have purchased two kinds of shoes that don't work. The first was a pair of sandal type things, but they didn't work out because her toes need to be covered. This grosses me out to know end for some reason. I guess I associate wearing something like this when one would go camping, and you have to wear these in the showers because the bathrooms are filthy. Anyway, the second pair I bought were a pair of croc like shoes. Something I did not want to get because everyone and their sister owns a pair, but they seemed to meet the requirements so I got them. Well, those didn't work out either. I think they were too small. So yesterday we went to more stores to look for the darn water shoes. We didn't have any luck, but we did get to crash a storytime at Barnes and Noble, feed the ducks, and the best part, we found a train that rides along the water at the Washingtonian Center.

Here's Hadley "sort of" paying attention at storytime. She's facing the wrong way, but that's OK.

And here's Harper and her eyes. Harper's eyes look like this when she's tired, awake, happy, sad.....

Here are some pictures of Hadley feeding the ducks:

I find it ironic that the prettiest picture I have ever taken is of a duck.

As we strolled around the Washingtonian Center, Hadley spotted this:

Hadley and I wanted to go on the train very badly, but Harper looked like this while we were "oohing and ahhing" over it:

This look means, "Mama better move fast because I'm hungry and tired and I'm about to let the greater DC area know." Harper has a temper.

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Valerie said...

Sounds like a fun day! Good luck finding those water shoes. I think Paul found some at MC Sports, but I'm guessing you don't have those in DC. They were also adult size, which for sure wouldn't work for Hadley. :)