Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trying New Things

Jesse and I found a great little brewery in Gaithersburg over the weekend. It's called Growlers, and it reminds me of the places we used to hang out in when we were living in South Bend. The restaurant is so cute, the food is good, the beer was good, and the best part was that it felt like a place where all the locals go. As you can see, the girls were very happy to go out for a bit.

Harper's been sleeping very well recently (and I assure you it has nothing to do with the above picture). We've stopped setting our alarm because she is usually up at 5, but on Thursday it was 7:35 when we woke up, and she was still asleep. I couldn't believe it. Since that night, she has made it clear that she no longer needs the swaddeling blanket, and prefers to sleep on her tummy. She has always fallen asleep well, but since she's been on her tummy, she sleeps longer with fewer interruptions at night. On Saturday morning I said to Jesse that this was the first night in almost nine months that we've slept through the night.

And here's my other happy camper. Hadley's new interest is Mickey Mouse. It has been two days since Diego or Dora have made their way through the TV. It's all Mickey Mouse all of the sudden. I don't know where she learned about him, but she loves the show now. Goofy is her favorite. Every time he's on the show, she says, "I like this guy." She also wants high heels like Minnie. Awesome. I feel like you should be reading this while humming the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon."

Harper is fascinated with the straps of strollers, carseats, and high chairs. You could put her in a chair with straps and no other toys and she'd be happy as a clam for almost an hour.


Katie said...

Ah, sweet sleep. Glad you are finally getting some!

Mink said...

i'm impressed that harper could pack away that first half the sandwich that is in front of her in that picture!

Arne & Julie said...

I'm a big fan of tummy sleepers! Way to go! Mickey Mouse, huh? You know what that means?! Start saving =)