Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Dear Hadley and Harper,

Of all the things I want for you, my greatest wish would be that you have friends. Not just friends that keep you company, but friends that help you forget about yourself for a little while. Friends that make you laugh when you're stuck in a traffic jam for four hours with no end in sight, but it's OK because you're singing along to the songs you loved when you were 19. Friends that after 10+ years of living apart can pick up right where you left off - like you were in the middle of a sentence and just had a little interruption.

Right now, I'll be that for you. I'll try and set up an home where you can be yourself and hopefully enjoy each other's company.
But someday you will want to go off on your own - to the beach, to college, to Breckenridge - and I hope that the friends you go with, or the ones you meet will make you happy.
We'll do our best to give you an interesting childhood.

We'll have tea parties with Goofy.

We'll take you places like the Air and Space Museum.

But before we know it, you'll be ready to see the world, and you'll want to do it with your friends.

So when that time comes, I hope the friends you have are the ones that you can be yourself around. You may even find parts of yourself while being around them. Until then, I'll be the one to document the stuff you do.

Until you can do it yourself.

Love, Mom


Mink said...

awesome blog. hope our girls all grow up to be best friends together. speaking of "interims" we totally should've watched scary movies together this weekend!

Angel said...

I love this post...made me smile and sentimental for what I want for my own daughter.

Christina said...

Awe, what a touching post! Such a sweet letter to your daughters (and your friends)!

Valerie said...

Love it! I'm so glad to have you as one of "those" friends.