Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year, New Classes

The day Harper went into the ER was the day Jesse and I decided we would take Hadley out of preschool until the following fall. The four of us were simply exhausted from fighting colds every other week since Hadley started school. I'm sure once Hadley starts school again in the fall we will be fighting all kinds of fun illnesses again, but for now we needed a break.

Having said that, the three ladies of the house need something to do in the daytime otherwise we'll go crazy. So I signed Hadley and Harper up for a class at a place called Romp n Roll. It's a lot like MyGym, I suspect, but it's closer to us. Hadley is taking a painting class, and Harper is taking a tumbling class.

Each week Romp n Roll has a "theme" that they focus their activities on. One week is was fish and this last week it was monkeys. Here's what Hadley made in her class the week of the fish:

Not too shabby, if I'm allowed to say so.

Hadley's class is a "parent drop off" class, so I didn't get pictures of her in action this week. I'll try and sneak in there sometime and snap a few shots in the future. I did, however, get a lot of pictures of Harper in her class.

The above pictures were taken during "free time." We start the class in a little corner of the gym with a curtain drawn so the kids can't see all the equipment. Very wise move, I must say because once the teacher opens the curtain to reveal this room, the kids go nuts. Anyway, we have a little greeting time, and the teacher tells us what we are going to focus on (yesterday it was upper body strength and I think trying not to drool on everything). Then she lets the kids loose.

Harper is the only kid in the class who isn't walking yet, but she gets around fine. And like Hadley, she doesn't want to sit next to me during circle time. With Hadley, she wants to be in on the action so she'll get as close to whoever is leading the activity as she can. With Harper, once she sees what the teacher is doing, if she's interested in it, she'll be a team player and do the activity. If she's not, she remove herself from the group circle and go find something better to do. Hadley is my little "let's all do everything together it's going to be so fun" cheerleader. Harper is the "you guys go ahead and do whatever you want, and maybe I'll join you if I feel like it" gal.

L'il Jesse. If I had a nickel for every time someone gave me a confused look when they learn I'm the mother of Hadley and Harper I'd be buying Starbucks free for life.

Here are the kids picking out musical instruments.

And a few videos:

After the class ends, the girls and I head over to the library to pick out some books. It ends up being a nice little outing.

I signed us for a MOPS group near us, so we'll see how that goes. And on Thursdays I've been taking the girls to the gym with me. I don't like to take them every time I go, but once a week they come with me and they seem to like it. The key to Harper being a happy camper is that she can't see me leave. If she does, we're all in trouble because not only will she cry, but all the other kids start to cry, too. This happened once and the ladies called me out of my class. I was all set to take the girls home when Diego came on. Harper is in love with Diego. If she can't have mommy, Diego is second best (or maybe first, I don't want to know).

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