Saturday, January 16, 2010

Port Discovery

Today we took a trip to Baltimore to check out Port Discovery, which is a museum for kids. It proved to be a huge hit with the H's. There is a three story climbing structure that runs through the center of the museum which was our first stop. Here's a shot of me and Hadley about to embark on our climb.
I've never seen anything like this thing in my life. There are no stairs to climb up. It's pretty much all netting. I found myself humming the Diego theme song while we were climbing. He would love this thing.
At one point you can stop climbing and choose to go down a slide or go up to a tower. Hadley thought she wanted to go down the slide, but after looking at it and seeing that it is pitch black when you sit down, she opted to do something else. So we went to find Harper and Jesse instead. Here's a picture of the slide. I don't know if it does it justice, but it really was quite intimidating.
Here's another shot of where the slide begins. Again, you can't appreciate the height, but it might give you a sense of what Hadley climbed on.
There are different rooms in the museum that the girls could play in. Hadley and Harper really liked this room:

(Sorry this one is flipped)

There was also a few tunnels to crawl through and a much smaller climbing structure with a less intimidating slide to go down.

Jesse liked the spider web.
We stopped by a room called "The Oasis" for a little story and singing time.
This is what Harper does during the Romp n Roll class too. She climbs all over me, decides to crawl a few feet away from me, then turns around and body slams herself back into my lap.
After awhile Harper decided she wanted to play with the cows, etc instead of listening to stories.

And then she thought it'd be fun to climb into the bin that all the animals were in:

And then there was the water room.

Not a bad way to celebrate being married for 11 years.

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Tara Shuple said...

That's right!! OMG! I can't believe I forgot! I know, funny how we spend anniversaries!!! That place looks like a fun way to spend a winter Saturday though!!!Happy Anniversary!