Monday, January 11, 2010

The Price of Freedom

The big news from this weekend is that Hadley is now sleeping in a "big girl" bed. She was in one at both her grandparents' houses, and she sleeps in our bed at nap time, so it seemed that it was time to transition the crib into a bed that she can get in and out of all by herself.

I'm having trouble with the "get in and out of all by herself" part. Some of you know that I have a small fear of things that go bump in the dark. I learned over the weekend that I am also a little scared of "shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, pat, pat, pat" and then a face looking at you waiting for you to wake up at 1am. "I have to go to the bathroom." Hadley says as she stands next to our bed. I know it's pathetic to be freaked out by one's own daughter, but I am.

About 4 hours later, we hear Hadley shuffling around our place again. Jesse gets out of bed and asks her what she's doing. She can't really say, so he leads her back to bed where she sleeps (or just lays there?) for another two or three hours.

Last night it was a little better. Although, about 20 minutes after we put Hadley to bed, she came running out of the room with a backpack. I said, "What are you doing?" She told me that she just needed to put the backpack away before she went to bed. Jesse and I watched her hang the backpack up, and then proceed to run back to her bedroom. I said, "Do you want one of us to put you in bed?" She said that she didn't, but Jesse walked in after her. When we went to bed later that night, Jesse went in to check on her and Hadley was standing up on the mattress. He asked her what she was doing, and again, she couldn't really tell him. He took her to the bathroom and then back to bed where she stayed until a nice 7:30 this morning.

Hadley loves being in a "big girl" bed. In the afternoon yesterday, she lined up all her "kids" in the bed and read stories to them. She told me she was putting them to sleep.

I think being able to get in and out of bed freely is a novelty that will hopefully wear off soon. I think Hadley thinks it's pretty cool to be able to get up when she wants, but doesn't quite know what to do with herself when she's up. It figures she wouldn't know what to do when it's pitch black and nobody else is up.

At any rate, that's Hadley latest achievement. So what's the next big thing? Loosing teeth? Riding a bike? Telling me she's ready for makeup?

As for Harper, she's my little demolition baby. It astounds me the mess that she is able to create in so little time. See what I mean?

She did this all by herself. Hadley had nothing to do with it. In fact, she won't set a foot in here when it's like this. She might go and get something, but she'll bring it out and go play with it somewhere else.

"Hmmm....if only I had somewhere to put this down."

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Tara Shuple said...

oh - i remember those days! the mess and the transitions to "big" beds. the novelty does wear off, but i will warn you, i still jump when one of the boys wakes me up at night!! it isn't them, however, opening your eyes to someone directly at eye level is just a bit shocking!! funny thing...i can remember my parents jumping when i would wake them up even when i was like in high school...maybe just a parent thing!?!