Saturday, February 13, 2010

Double Date

Last night, Jesse and I took Hadley and Harper out for dinner at Panera and then we went to Romp 'n Roll to run around. But before we went out, I had a couple Valentine's Day games for Hadley (and Harper sort of) to play.
And I made cupcakes!

The first game we played was called "Get the Candy Hearts out of the Bowl with Chopsticks."
Choptsticks were too advanced, so we tried a spoon.

That didn't work either, so we tried another kitchen tool.
That worked a little better.
Harper liked the game, too.
The second was called "Put the Cut Hearts Back Together Again."

That game worked out a little better.

Later on, we went to Panera for dinner.

Harper was more interested in her Dora sticker then she was in eating her dinner.

And here are a few shots of our time at Romp 'n Roll. It wasn't as busy as I thought it would be considering everyone was inside their homes all week. But everyone there was very friendly and seemed to be as happy as we were to be out of the house.

Here are a couple of videos of the girls playing. Harper's doing her thing, trying her best not to have to walk by herself. And Hadley? Well, Hadley made her Mama proud last night showing what she could do on the dance floor.


Katie said...

"It's not that kind of party."


Tara Shuple said...

Hadley does have moves doesn't she?? I LOVE it.