Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hadley has been standing up, lining up, and putting objects in order since she was a baby. It's fun to see what she comes up with when she "works."

For example:

And this:

This is my personal favorite. Hadley was making a chair with two pieces of wood that she took out of the toy shelf in the girls' room.

I have no idea how she got that one piece to stand up, but I think Jesse would've been proud had he been home to see her creation. The next part of the project was to put Band-Aids around the perimeter of the chair. That seems to be a good next step if you ask me. You can also note that she has her tools nearby. She's a real boyscout, this one.

Here's another example of Hadley's organizational skills:

See how the different modes of transportation are all lined up with an animal waiting to use each one? The two that are lying on the ground have yet to be assigned to a train, plane, or automobile. Until they have a purpose, they need to just lie there. Such is life.

And when Hadley plays with her "buddies" she likes to make sure they are all grouped together.
These guys are about to play "Ring Around the Rosie."

Here's what Harper likes to do when she plays:

There's nothing at all gross about putting pieces of one's lunch in a Band-Aid box, and then shaking it all over the place.


Dave said...

I LOVE Harper's reaction when she realizes you are video taping her...priceless! What a cutie!
-Lisa (not Dave) :)

Tara Shuple said...

Hadley is destined for some job in which organization is key...dare I say she will work for the government like her Dad?