Monday, February 8, 2010

How's It Snowin'?

That's me trying to be catchy like all the other DC folks around here. We have Snowmaggedon, Snowpacalypse, and my personal favorite, Snowtorious BIG. The area has pretty much shut down since Friday afternoon. Jesse had a four hour early release, lots of stores and churches were closed over the weekend, and the Federal Government was closed Monday. We are supposed to get 10-20 inches Tuesday and Wednesday, so I guess we are getting our winter wonderland in the south.

So it makes it hard to get out in this, but Hadley and I took some time to scope out the situation on Saturday.
Why didn't Harper come with us, you ask? Because this is what she did the last time it snowed:

I know. What kind of mother tapes her kid screaming on the floor?

Anyway, Hadley and I didn't last too long. She didn't see the point in playing in snow she couldn't move in. It was up to my knees, and I could barely walk in it, so Hadley was pretty much stuck. I showed that you could fall into it and make a snow angel, but being the practical child she is, she thought that was a dumb idea. "Then you get snow all over yourself, Mama. Why would you want to do that?" I don't know, Hadley. The same reason I tape your sister screaming on the floor while she's getting her snowsuit on, I guess.

So we went inside.

And ate Mickey Mouse pancakes.
And we did a lot of playing indoors.
And we did some coloring.
We also did a little writing:

That's "elephant" for those of you who read the traditional way.

And of course, there was the many games of bingo.
Looking at this next picture, you'd think she was betting on her Goofy doll. Such stress!
Here are a few shots of what it looks like around our neighborhood.

We are going to try and get outside a bit tomorrow before the next "storm" hits. I have no perspective whether this is a lot of snow or if it's just that we don't see this kind of weather anymore. This last snowstorm was the worst storm for Maryland in 90 years, so that seems pretty significant.

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Katie said...

2 questions:
What was Jesse saying?
(from Luke) How can she write that? She's only 3!