Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Normal, Right?

The above picture was Hadley's afternoon project. 

Color coordinated.

All facing the same direction.

Don't mess.

It seems appropriate to record a few conversations Hadley and I have had recently (or those I've overheard) because, well, they're worth recording.
Hadley's pretty interested in how things are spelled.  She likes to say things like, "I think my sister, H-A-R-P-E-R is hungry." or, "Are you going to take H-A-D-L-E-Y to the park?"  She also continually asks how things are spelled.  It can get a little tiring.  Like today, when "Go, Diego Go!" was on, we had this conversation:
"Mom, how do you spell, 'go'?"
"OK, how do you spell, 'Diego'?"
"And how do you spell, 'G-O'?"
"Good job, Mom."

Recently, Hadley has decided that butts are extremely funny.  This part of Hadley has definetely come from my genes.  Jesse has learned to appreciate the humor in the word "butt" but I think for him it has developed over time.  It's not intrinsic, like with me and Hadley.  Anyway, Hadley and Harper were in the living room the other day and Hadley was trying to teach Harper what her name is.
"Harper, what is your name?"
"No, you're name is Harper."
"Let's try again.  Harper, what is your name?"
Then there was a very long pause, a bit of a snicker, and then Hadley says:
"Harper, what is your name?" (she's giggling so much she can hardly get the question out)
"No, you're name is Butt!"
I was in the bedroom making the bed so luckily I could enjoy the well-crafted joke before putting my "Mom face" on and telling Hadley that she cannot, under any circumstances, tell her sister that her name is "Butt."

And last, dealing with Hadley is hilarious but exhausting.  It seems that she is always one step ahead of me.  The other day I was so angry with her (I forgot why; it probably had to do with explaining that the bathroom is not a recreational area).  I said to her, "Hadley, if you don't cut it out, we are not going anywhere!  No parks, no splash park, no library, no nothing!"
She looked at me for a minute and then said, "What about Starbucks?  Will we still go to Starbucks?"


Katie said...

I get the humor in the word butt. It's probably funny to me because we weren't allowed to say it growing up. Taboo words always hold a higher esteem in humor.

Meg said...

So hilarious! I definitely needed this laugh after explaining for the Nth time this morning that Vivian cannot simply roll Eleanor out of the way when she wants her to move.