Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Harper at Seven months

When I was pregnant with Harper, we had to have several sonograms (or maybe they were ultrasounds, I can't remember. I seem to have forgotten all the vocabulary that comes along with being pregnant) to make sure she was doing OK. At one of them the doctor told us that we have an "extremely active" little baby. I remember that one well because she was moving so much it was hard to take pictures of the things they were looking for. And this was well before 20 weeks.

Harper's legs have not stopped moving since then. And at seven months she is doing all sorts of fun tricks. She is rolling over, she can sit by herself for a few seconds, and she's perfected her little spitting trick as you will see in one of the videos.

Harper loves this bouncy swing. Hadley didn't seem to care too much for it when she was this age, but Harper loves jumping in it.

I tried to get a video of Harper rolling over, but it didn't work out. You can see the potential, however.

And this one is so funny I can hardly stand it. Harper tends to do this when she is tired and wants to go to sleep. It gets all of us laughing so hard that it's hard to put her to bed.

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