Monday, June 15, 2009

The Weekend

We took the girls on their first bike ride on Saturday. Well, Hadley had been on a bike ride pre-Harper, but this was the first time we put them in the jogging stroller together.

It was pretty successful. I was more concerned about Jesse pulling the girls then I was about Harper and Hadley. He's going to have thighs of steel after a few bike rides.

We went out to eat at a tapas restaurant in Rockville on Saturday.
We sat outside which was great because the weather was beautiful this weekend. Harper was quite excited to be out and about:

And Hadley loves eating out at restaurants as well:

Hadley was more interested in coloring her little page here then she was in eating.

And any time Harper can get at her foot/feet she is good to go.

On Sunday afternoon Hadley and I went grocery shopping together. Just as we pulled into a parking spot a song that I like came on the radio so I said, "Hadley let's dance!" I started doing my best car dance moves but Hadley would have none of it. She said, "No Mama. We have to grocery shop. You need to be put me in the cart right now." Usually she is all about dancing with me, so I was surprised at her reaction. But then I saw that there was another family next to us and realized that Hadley was embarrassed of me! What?!?! You mean I have to stop dancing now that I'm a mom? I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Hadley got me back at the end of our trip when she asked me, rather loudly, what gender the person was who was bagging our groceries. He had rather long hair and I guess Hadley was confused because she probably only sees girls with long hair. She pointed to him and said, "Mama, is that a girl?" I pretended not to hear her but she said it again (while continuing to point) louder, "MAMA, IS THAT A GIRL?" I told her that no, it was a boy and smiled an apologetic smile to the kid.


Katie said...

That is funny, Callie. And I can't get over how dang cute Harper is!

Alison said...

stories like the one of the bagger are what i fear most about naomi learning to talk! :)

looks like a great weekend... we'll have to do some of that when i am out east early september!

hi to jesse (and the girls of course)...

Tara Shuple said...

HA!! okay, first off you DO NOT have to stop dancing now that you are a Mom. I am notorious for dancing in the kitchen especially if VH1 countdown is on?? And, considering I teach Zumba, my boys have learned to just roll their eyes. Plus, you are a GOOD dancer and so we make dancing cool...Hadley will find out sooner or later.... ;)