Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Funny Now

Last Sunday, as I was just getting ready to give the girls baths and then put them to sleep, Harper busted her lip open.  Harper's busted her lip lots of times.  Probably more times than what is normal for someone her age.  I'm learning, though, that Harper is not normal.  Take today for example.  She wouldn't take a nap unless her pink croc-like shoes were on.  Not normal. 

Anyway, she fell off a little stool that she was half on - half off of while she was coloring.  I believe she hit the table and then the floor, resulting in quite a whammy of an owwee.  It wasn't pretty, I won't lie.  Do you know that lips bleed a lot?  No?  They do.  A lot.  Luckily, Hadley went to get her doctor's kit that we got her for Christmas and told me she knew "just what to do" while Harper was screaming and blood was everywhere.  So the three of us were in the bathroom, me holding Harper trying to wipe blood from her face, and Hadley, standing on her little step stool, pulling out her stethescope, trying to find Harper's heartbeat. 

It was fantastic.

Did I mention that we were closing in on bedtime when this happened?  Did I also mention that Jesse was in Germany?  Just wanted to make sure I covered the "who, what and where" before I proceeded.

This was the worst lip bust I've seen, so we went to the ER.  I'm glad that we did because Harper's teeth went through her lip and the doctor worked his magic so that I can type this post now and say that Harper's lips are as beautiful as ever.    Otherwise, maybe she would've forever looked like this:
I realize I'm not the most important person in the world, but maybe the 4th or the 5th, and so it was extremely annoying to have to wait in the waiting room with two little kids while they pranced all over the place.  It was even worse to have to wait in the hospital room with nothing but a bed with lots of buttons and gadgets for little fingers to constantly touch.  When the doctor came in, looked at Harper, then told me what he was going to do, I thought he'd go get his tools and be right back but apparently there were other people in the world that had accidents so it was another 45 minutes before he came back.  You'd think we could've left after he "fixed up" Harper, but we got to hang out for another 45 minutes to wait to be released.  At one point, both of them were crying so I opened up our door, inched them as close to the hallway as I could, and had them cry and scream, "I WANNA GO HOOOOOMMMME!" so that everyone could have as much fun as I was having. 

It wasn't much longer before a nurse came in with two popsicles and our release papers and off we went.

The girls were in bed by a respectable 11pm. 



Valerie said...

Oh my gosh, she does look like a little bit of a prize fighter. Glad to hear the lips are back to normal!

I really hate ER's. They are not good places to be with young kids, for sure.

Great post, I was laughing the whole time. Because, like you said, it's funny now.

Keri said...

Poor kid, and poor Mama! You deserve a big bowl of ice cream and a long nap after that.

playgroup said...

Super-mom award!!! Glad she's okay!

Tara Shuple said...

Harper really is following in Chase's footsteps. By the time Chase was 2 I had the ER thing down. After his eye was busted open by a baseball bat, I calmly left Pete a message to meet us at the ER and packed a little bag of books, snacks and his fave bear and off we went. That bear has had stitches and a CT scan right along with Chase!! I feel for you....that's exhausting!!!! Take pics..someday Harper will giggle at the story ....promise.