Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reason Number 42,345 Why I'll Never Understand My Kids

Here's how the conversation went before bed the other night:

Hadley: Mom, I want to sleep on the floor.

Me: No, you don't.

Hadley: Yes, I do.

Me: Hadley, you are not sleeping on the floor.

Hadley: Yes!  Please let me!

Me: Fine.  Goodnight.

Thirty seconds later (I am not kidding) here she is.

Jesse snapped the pictures then put her in her bed.  Because I can just see her walking in our bedroom in the middle of the night and saying, "Why was I sleeping on the floor?"  And I would have no answer for her.

My mom is reading this and saying, "Cha-Ching!"  It's payback for all the times I insisted that tightrolling my jeans was necessary, or begging her to please cut my bangs so they looked  exactly like Chrissy Catrombone's.  But come on, that was in the name of fashion.  Sleeping on the floor?  That's just nonsense! 

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Valerie said...

That is pretty funny! I guess she might as well sleep on the floor while she can. It's an adventure, right?