Tuesday, September 7, 2010

See You In September

We celebrated Labor Day weekend with a visit from Geoff and Kellee, our family from the south.  They didn't bring a southern drawl with them, but they did bring lots of fun and if it were up to Hadley and Harper, we'd start up the "Uncle Geoff and Aunt K-Yee Fan Club" ASAP.  You might not know this, but kids are a lot of work.  When they like you, they are even more work.  Hadley and Harper love Geoff and Kellee.  I'm afraid we sent them home exhausted and probably happy for the peace and quiet they are enjoying in Raleigh.

We spent some time hanging out in parks around the neighborhood, and on Saturday night, the four of us went downtown to 2 Amys for pizza.  Does every mother preference a statement about how much they like to go out with their husband and other other adults with, "I love my kids, but...."?  Or is it just me?  Either way, I love my kids but having a babysitter that is wonderful with my girls, and being able to leave to go out with other adults is lovely.  It's worth every penny of Jesse's hard earned money. 

We also spent the day in Georgetown where you might notice it is crowded, but with an almost 2 and 4 year old, it's just downright madness.  But we had fun walking along the river and doing some window shopping.  We also enjoyed a nice lunch at Dean and Deluca.  They have this great alleyway with tables set up so you can enjoy your baguette and people watch.  Or just make sure neither of your kids is putting anything in their mouths they aren't supposed to.

A few pictures:

Harper's smiling and Hadley's in the middle of a silly dance and silly face.  Don't let Harper fool you into thinking she's a sweet little angel.  There is a reason we nicknamed this child Voldemort.

But she has me under her spell, that's for sure.
Who's that cute looking couple?

It's Mr. and Mrs. Lewis!

Here's Kellee generously giving me a break from doing what she's doing with Harper.  Look how happy I am. 

Looking at a rather dried up part of the C & O Canal.
I'm pretty sure Harper's saying, "Wook, K-yee, wook!"
I think everybody had a good time.  It's fun to see them as much as we do now that they are live closer.

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Katie said...

I'm still laughing about the Voldemort nickname!! She sounds just like Erin.