Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pushing Fall

Have I mentioned before that I can't stand hot, humid, weather?  I'm sure I have.  Just in case, I'm saying it again.  So when September comes around, I get even more irritated when the temperatures don't drop to a storybook Autumn where I can wear my new school clothes and pick apples. 

But yesterday it was cool enough so that the girls and I could take a nice, long walk and play at the park without getting burned by the equipment.  We needed to wear sweatshirts and jeans.  It was lovely. 

So after the girls took their naps, we made hot chocolate.

I think this picture sums up these two ladies' personalities quite nicely.  Hadley's all, "Hooooraayy for hot chocolate!"  Harper's like, "Mom.  What are you doing wasting time taking a picture when you said we can have hot chocolate?"
Stir it up, little darlin'. Stir it up.
(Harper's in the middle of saying, "My turn! My turn!")
Get in there, Harper.  Nobody's forgotten about you.
We decided to drink our hot chocolate outside because it was such a nice brisk afternoon.
Harper had chocolate milk instead.  I thought better of giving this child something hot to drink.
We had a nice little time sitting on the porch and enjoying something fun to drink.  

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