Thursday, November 11, 2010

All Hail the Playdate

Our friends Emily and Neil had a baby girl last month, and since Emily was more than willing to show me around DC the first year we lived here, I thought it was only fair to welcome her into the world of playdates. Seems like a fair trade.  Emily introduces me to Politics and Prose, Colorado Kitchen, Kramerbooks, all sorts of interesting places, and I have her over for some coffee and mass chaos.

 Harper was quite welcoming.  Here she is waving and saying, "Hi Katherine!"

And Hadley thought it would be nice to read Global Babies to Katherine while she ate.  Here she is showing her a baby from Malawi.

Dinner and a show, right?  You are welcome, Emily! 

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Emily Dhingra said...

Thanks so much, Callie! It was great to catch up with you and I think Katherine enjoyed playinh with the big girls.