Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Harper's Two

Yestereday, Harper turned two years old, so we thought it appropriate to do a little celebratin'.

We went to Panera for a birthday bagel.
While we were eating breakfast, Harper entertained us with "knock knock" jokes.  Here is her formula:
Harper: Knock! Knock!
Me: Who's there?
Harper: Banana Cookie
Me: Banana Cookie who?
Harper: Banana Cookie Mama!
It's gentle comedy, no?

Hadley had school, so after we dropped her off, Harper decided to do a little artwork.
We opened presents.
We got Harper some baby accessories and a stroller.
Hadley loved them.
Despite taking Harper's birthday present hostage, Hadley was very excited to celebrate her sister's birthday.  Without any prompting, Hadley told me on Monday that she wanted to get a present for Harper. I asked her what she wanted to get her, and she said, "I don't know.  I guess I'm just going to have to go to Target and look around."

So Jesse took her to Target, and Hadley picked out a Hello Kitty notebook, and a little Diego and Baby Jaguar toy.  Harper loves Diego and Baby Jaguar, so I think Hadley picked out some great gifts.

Hadley also wanted to make wrapping paper for the presents, so on Monday night she made these designs:

Hadley made the heart because, in her words, "I love Harper soooooo much." 

Diego and Baby Jaguar were a hit.
So were the baby things once she got them away from Hadley.

And of course, we had birthday cake.

It's a gingerbread cake, and after I made it I realized it looks just like a chocolate cake.  If the girls saw that and thought it was chocolate, they would be really mad once they found out it wasn't.  So I covered it with powdered sugar and sprinkles. I learned this "sprinkle tactic" from my friend Alison. When we were on a sort of student council in college together, and would have to make signs for events, she would say that if you didn't think your sign was attractive enough you should just put polka dots all over it.  I thought of her yesterday when I was decorating the cake, and I'm mentioning her on this post since she terrorized me on Facebook with some extremely dirty words because I didn't include her in my post about Round as a Mooncake.

I like 2.  I like it better then 2 weeks or 2 months.  I'm looking forward to what Harper does with her toddler years.


Mink said...

i still think polka dots make most things better. most.

thanks for the shout out... especially considering the hundreds of embarrassing stories you have on me, you were kind to pick something benign.

happy birthday, harper!

Valerie said...

Joshua has now watched the cake video 5 times. He's keeps saying "Again...Harper....cake!"

I'm really curious why you remind Harper of a banana cookie. Hmmm...there must be a story here somewhere.