Monday, November 29, 2010

What? Another Giveaway? Get out!

Did you know today is Cyber Monday?  I didn't.  Is that new?  I mean, I'm thinking it wasn't around in say, 1992.  But was it around last year?  I need to do some research.

But wouldn't it be more fun to do another giveaway?  I think so, and since it's allegedly Cyber Monday, how about we talk about CSN stores.  I think you can find just about anything on this site.  It's got really cute cookware, purses, kids' toys and crafts, even children's luggage!  I also noticed they're having all kinds of sales right now, so I'm just sayin' if you were participating in Cyber Monday, you might want to check it out.
Or, if you were feeling a little freaked out about turning 35 in 7 days, perhaps you'd want to buy yourself a "you don't have as much grey hair as you think you do" present. 

I'm just throwing ideas around.

Anyway, how about a $35 gift certificate to this website?  Wouldn't that be splendid?  I have one for ya!  Would you like it?  Then keep reading.

Callie's getting creative again, folks.  No, I'm not baking brownies, and I'm not going to try and make a mobile for one of Hadley's friends.  But this time of year brings out the Martha in me, and I want to make creative gifts for people.  So here's what I came up with:  Hadley colors or draws about 456 pictures a day.  I can't keep track of them all.  I save a few in a scrapbook, but the rest I have been collecting to giveaway as Christmas presents.
I thought Hadley would enjoy being part of the giving part of Christmas, so I rolled up several of her masterpieces, and tied yarn around them, and told her she would be giving them to some of her friends and family.  We made little cards to attach to them with the family member's, teacher, or friend's name on it.  Then I asked Hadley to tell me one thing that she wants to say to this person, and I wrote it down.  After that she signed her name to the card.

This proved to be quite a successful activity.  First, because it was really easy for someone who likes creative projects, but doesn't always seem to be able to follow through.  Second, it was cheap!  I had all the materials, and really, Hadley did the hard work.  And third, Hadley loved telling me what she wanted to say to each person she was giving a picture to.  After awhile she said, "Mom, I think they are really going to like these notes!"  She really enjoyed trying to come up with something to say to each person, and I loved what she came up with (I would share some of what she said, but I don't want to ruin it for the people who are getting them and might read this blog).

Creative. Easy. Free.  That's what we're thinking about here, people.  So tell me.  What is the most creative gift you gave? Did it involve your kids?  Are you planning on creating a gift this season?  Did you get a gift that you thought was handmade and you loved? 

For a chance to win the gift certificate, leave a comment on this post with an idea you have for giving creative gifts. If you're a blogger, and you want to write your own post with a picture of what you did, let me know in the comment, and link my post to your blog.  I'll pick the one I like the best.  That's right, guys.  It's not going to be random ths time.  Ol' Callie's the judge.

How about we keep the contest open until Thursday, December 2?  That sounds good to me.  I'll announce the winner on Friday.


Mink said...

hmm, i may think of another to tell you about, but one i'm doing this year: i bought measuring cups and spoons that are different colors ($15 at bed bath and beyond--and then use your 20% off coupon). then i typed up recipes for easy things (cookies, edible playdough, etc) and used the color coding. so for example, use three red cups of flour, 2 green spoons of salt, etc... the recipe just shows three little red cups that are colored in red. i haven't yet laminated the recipes, but was thinking of doing that. then i was going to sew a little apron to go with it. though i also saw plain white kid aprons at hobby lobby for five dollars. i might do that and either get some fabric crayons and decorate it myself, or give the fabric crayons to the kid and let them decorate it as their own project. so less than $20 for the whole thing, and plenty of room for homemade touches...

this is a great post--i can't wait to steal other people's fun ideas!

Valerie said...

I creatively go online and buy gifts. Or I put on a creative outfit and go to the mall. Sorry, I got nuthin'. :)

minfon3 said...

I am not very creative, but this year I am painting a piece of plywood the same size as a play table and gluing a wooden train set to it for my boys. That is about as creative as I am after just having a baby.

Rachel said...

As you know, I love crafts and making handmade gifts. They are so special. I've made jewelry, blankets, hooded towels, puzzles, aprons, hats, cookbooks and much more. Probably the most meaningful gift I ever gave was at the end of September this year. I have a dear friend who has been through some really horrible times in her life and for some reason all the yucky stuff has happened in the month of October, so she fears October every year. This year, I bought a bunch of cards and wrote her a card every day, so it was like she got a hug and prayer from me every morning through her crappy month. Some days, I tucked a gift card into the card as well and others I put in something fun, like a cute keychain or a piece of jewelry I made for her. I numbered the envelopes 1-31 and sent them to her so she had the box full of cards at the start of October. She said it totally changed her perspective on that month and made it way better than she ever expected. I loved being able to hear from her every day and having a reminder to pray for her during her difficult time. So, I think that's my most favorite gift that I've ever given.

embroadway said...

This year my husband and I are planning to read a few of Matthew's favorite books and put them on a CD/ipod. We thought this would be a fun way for him to listen to stories but also have to comfort of his parents voices. I would like to eventually include other members of the family especially grandparents. (We plan to use a chime to remind him when it is time to turn the page.)

My brother, when he was 13, made a CD for us as a wedding present. He wrote a song and recorded it.I remember he decorated the label and wrapped it up and used a pink rose as the bow. It was probably the most special gift I have ever received.( I also LOVE mixed tapes/cds! My husband made a few when we had our long distance engagement.)

The first year we were married I made a cookbook for my mother. Money was tight, so I thought it would be fun to buy some fancy paper, a binder, and look for different recipes online. I decorated the binder and called the cookbook "Cooking from the Heart." 8 1/2 years later my mom still has the book and uses frequently.

This year Matthew is planning to make sun catchers for a few family members. It is a simple art activity using construction, contact and tissue papers. Matthew will cut pieces of tissue paper and use them to make a design on the contact paper. Fold the contact paper over or cut a new piece to place on top of the tissue design. Then you can add the finishing touch and make/decorate a construction paper border or pocket. PS...Don't forget the string so you can hang it up.

Pencil holders using tin cans are also a fun activity and great gift!

Liz said...

Here are some great creative/DIY gift ideas I like:

One is a homemade play-doh kit. You find a homemade play-doh recipe, compile the ingredients, and give them as a gift along with the instructions. You can customize it as much as you want, put the ingredients in fancy tins or jars that you decorate, or include cookie cutters or other tools.

An idea similar to the one you posted: I knew someone who also had a child who loved to draw (what are the odds? Am I right?), so she had him illustrate a story that he made up, then used an online printing service to print books which she then gave to friends, family and teachers. It was a big hit!

Another friend who had hobbyist screen printing equipment had her kids make drawings which she then turned into home-printed Christmas cards and note card sets that she gave as gifts. People without screen printing equipment could have this done at a printing shop or online. This idea and the above are also great because kids love seeing something professional-looking made out of their art!

This doesn't work for making the same gift for everyone you know, but I also knew someone who made her kids' old blankies (that is, what was left of them) into teddy bears that they could treasure as they got older. Her kids are grown now and still have the bears!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late, but I don't need to be in the draw.

Our Coffee Break group is doing a display table with home made gift ideas. Next week we're doing a draw to give them all away. My entry was a kitchen wisk with hershey's kisses in it. The tag says "We WISH you a Merry KISSmas."

Just wondering where your "follow" button is that is usually at the top of blogger blogs?