Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Fine Birthday

So far, I'm a fan of 35.  I would "like" it if it had a Facebook page.  Sure, I've only been 35 for 22 hours, but I think me and 35 are going to get along just fine.

Over the weekend, I enjoyed several surprises.  The first was a lovely massage at the Red Door Salon.  I'm a fan of the massage.  I'm also a fan of coming home afterword, to find several brand new outfits to choose from for an evening out with my husband.  I chose something a little sparkly.

Jesse and I went here for dinner:

Two important things to know about this restaurant:  1)It's delicious. 2)The White House is just a bit to the left of this picture.

Jesse and I enjoyed the "Theatre Menu" because we went here next:
That would be the Symphony at the Kennedy Center.  It was a marvelous evening.

But that was on Saturday, and since my birthday was on a Monday, I had myself another little birthday party with the Hs. 

We made angels.
(Note that the tree gets decorated as this post continues).

Hadley was so pleased with her angel that she wanted to be an angel, too.  So I did the best with what the good Lord gave me and came up with this:

I don't know if you've ever watched The Cosby Show, but there is an episode where a soon-to-be father is talking to Heathcliff, and he's telling him how he's going to be a terrible father because he can't play sports.  Then Raven comes on (you know, Denise's daughter?) and starts shooting baskets.  She's about three and gets nowhere near the hoop.  The soon-to-be-father character shoots with her and he hits the rim.  She is so impressed.

I think of that scene every time I do something like the above angel wings and Hadley and Harper think they're fantastic.  They wore these almost all day. 

In case you didn't catch that, Hadley is saying, "Don't worry, you're baby will be born soon."  This is her version of what Gabriel says.  I think Mary would've appreciated those words as well.

The other thing we did yesterday was decorate the Christmas tree.  We got an ornament from the Kennedy Center for each of the girls.

We are all things ballerina and princess these days.

I think the tree turned out quite nice. 

We even have an angel.

It's scary, right? It's like the scariest angel ever.  Look at the bottom of it.  What happened?  Why is it all torn?  And is it even smiling?  I guess I wouldn't be either because I would be too concerned about whether I had wings or hands.  And if they're hands, why don't I have arms?  What the @$#% am I supposed to do with this body?
Anyway, this year it's been fun to go through birthdays, and holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas because the girls get really into it.  We all had a nice time over the weekend, and I was glad to celebrate with my family.

Here are two videos from yesterday as well.  They don't really have anything to do with the theme of this post, but I think they're pretty funny so I'm throwin' them in.  They are both of the girls reading Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes.  I was sneaking up on Hadley in the first one because I wasn't sure if she'd keep reading once she knew I was recording her, so that's why you don't see her at first.

And the second one is of Harper doing pretty much the same thing.

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Valerie said...

Geesh, I hope when I get to heaven that the angels don't look like that. :) Isn't it funny how different everything gets decorated when you have kids?

So glad you had such a nice birthday! One of the years maybe I can go to the spa with you for your birthday. My treat, of course.