Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hadley's First "Big Girl" Playdate

Yesterday Hadley had a friend over sans the mama, and they had themselves a fine time.  I tried to stay out of the way for most of the time, but I stole a few pictures and noted some particular hilarious things they said to each other. 

Hadley's friend was a little nervous at first, and Hadley told me that right away.  I love how blunt these kids are at this age.  They will tell you whatever is on their mind.  So the girls get in the car (she came home with us after school) and Hadley right away says, "Mom, I think we should just take her home.  She doesn't want to come over."  I said, "We can take her home if she wants to go home.  That's fine."  As I'm buckeling Hadley's friend in, she tells me, "I like to color.  I think I'll color at your house and then go home."  I said that was fine.

So they started off coloring.  They decided to make Christmas ornaments, but Hadley's friend said she wasn't sure where she would put her ornament because there wasn't room on their tree.  So Hadley, helpful lass that she is, went over to our tree and began pointing out every single branch saying, "Do you have an ornament here?  How about here?  Do you have one on this branch?"  And each time her friend says, "No.  No. No, we don't."  I wasn't sure how long this would go on for, but it was pretty funny.

They seemed to love doing the "make a face" craft that Hadley's Aunt Shani gave her.
During their coloring, they started talking about their favorite animals.  Hadley asked me what my favorite animal is.  I said, "Uhhhh, giraffe?"  She said, "I don't think you like giraffes because they don't have a voice."  And that was the end of that conversation.

They worked on puzzles together.

Hadley was pointing out the states she knew.  Her first one was North Carolina.  "This is where my Uncle Geoff and Aunt Kellee live.  Uncle Geoff has black hair and it's really straight."  Hadley is obsessed with straight hair, so saying someone has straight hair is a high way to go, Geoff!

Hadley's friend asked which state is California.  Hadley said, "I don't know.  The only states I know are North Carolina, Chicago, and Michigan."  So I pointed out where California is. 

They also played "Go Fish."
At one point, Hadley's friend looked at me with a kind of surprised look on her face and said, "I really like it here!  I'd like to come back!"  Hadley said, "My mom's name is Callie."  Hadley's friend looked at me for awhile and said, "I think I'll call her Caffeine." 

Works for me.

Harper slept for most of the time, but when she woke up the girls were playing doctor so she got to be the patient.

Nobody was happy to see the playdate come to an end, but there weren't too many tears so I'd call that a success.


Keri said...

I may start calling you "Caffeine." I think it's catchy. That is hilarious! Glad all went well.

embroadway said...

I love the "Caffeine" comment! Too cute!

Valerie said...

Sorry, a little late catching up on blog posts. I am very sad, because I have curly hair, and I'm sure Hadley would be disappointed. As I often am about the same thing, actually.

Can't wait for Joshua to have friends over!

Also didn't know you were a fan of giraffes. :) I guess that topic never came up in college.