Thursday, December 9, 2010

Morning of Crafts and Cookies

Yesterday morning the girls and I spent our time together making a couple Christmas crafts, and some cookies.

While the cookies were baking, we worked on making snowmen.  Or snow women, however, Hadley specifically told me hers is a snowman because she was going to dance with him. 

We made some faces on our guys.

Then we glued cotton balls on him to give him a "snowy" feel.

Some of us wanted to keep coloring.

We also made reindeer.  I took a paper towel roll and cut it in two, then cut out some of the cardboard for legs. The girls colored them so they had faces and hooves, and then we went outside to look for antlers (small sticks).
No, I absolutely did not come up with this idea on my own. 

I don't know when the day will come when the girls decide I'm the worst craftsgal ever but right now, as far as they're concerned, I'm Martha Stewart.  So I'm enjoying it while I can.

The cookies turned out to be a mild disaster.  I told the girls we were going to decorate them, but apparently decorate means "eat."  I put a platter of cookies on the table, walked away to get the frosting and sprinkles, and Harper had helped herself to three by the time I got back.

 Don't mind if I do.
I'm so happy!

Frosting?  Best. Invention. Ever.
Merry Christmas to me.
Hadley liked them, too.

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