Saturday, October 6, 2007

Brunch in Baltimore

Today we went to Baltimore to see our friends Tim and Angela (these were our friends in South Bend who moved out this way the same time we did). We ate at The World Cafe which was delicious - there are several tasty places to eat in Baltimore that Tim and Angela have taken us to. My top two are: The West Egg and The Wharf Rat. Today we had brunch at The World Cafe and it was fun. As you can see from this picture Hadley is enjoying her straw and her new friends Tim and Angela:

Hadley also enjoyed their two dogs Tommie and Hudson. This was the first time she not only showed interest in animals, but she wasn't afraid of them either. Her mommy was very proud of her since she herself is terrified of dogs. Here are some pictures:

I've learned that Hadley reaching out and touching a nose means she is saying, "Hi!" That's what she's doing here with Hudson and Tommie. They were both very nice to her. We had a great visit. Needless to say, Hadley was exhausted after all the excitement. She conked out as soon as we got home.

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