Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's Good!

This past weekend Hadley showed us that she is a football fan. Not only is she a fan, but she likes to referee the games. She throws her arms way up in the air everytime the ref calls a touchdown. Granted, she may be telling him that she is "so big" but we like to think she's learning the game.
Hadley is also learning to nod her head "no" and "yes" and has used it quite frequently these past few days to tell us what she wants to do. For example, when we shake our heads "no" in reference to her climbing up the bookshelves or turning the DVD player on and off (while we're watching a show), she'll look at us and shake her head "yes" and then proceed to act.
Today Hadley and I went to the Washingtonian Center to walk around. We found a bench to sit down on while I had some coffee and Hadley drank her juice. After awhile the geese started swimming our way in hopes we would have some food for them, then the sparrows came around. At that point I decided to continue our walk because I knew it was only a matter of time before the bees showed up. I'm really not an outdoors person. Or, as I once said after a seagull pooped on my water bottle at the beach, "I hate nature." I guess I better put that attitude in check so I don't pass it on to my little munchkin.
No pictures from today, but here's a couple of the family at Hadley's baptism:

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