Monday, October 29, 2007

Thank You, Sesame Street

It's pretty clear that the beloved morning nap is fading away, so now I'm left with what to do with Hadley until it's time for an afternoon nap. This morning, after playing in ALL the rooms of our condo she was clearly bored. I hadn't eaten breakfast yet, so in hopes that I could actually sit and eat, I turned the TV on and there was Big Bird welcoming Hadley to Sesame Street. She sat and watched the show for about 20 minutes. She only moved when Grover came on to sing a song about a carrot in Spanish. She felt it was appropriate to dance along to the song; especially a song about food. Here are some pictures:

Do I feel at all guilty for setting my daughter in front of the TV while I enjoyed some delicious pumpkin bread? Not a bit. As Joey from "Friends" says, "I grew up watching TV and look at me - I turned out FINE!"

A little later we went to the library to meet one of Hadley's friends and her mommy. Hadley and Emerson played for a bit and then we went to Obee's for lunch. This must have tired Hadley out because she's been sleeping for almost 2 hours.

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