Friday, April 2, 2010

Enjoying the Warmer Weather

Harper's walking skills have improved since last week in that she is confident enough to walk as her preferred mode of transportation. I haven't seen her crawl in several days now, and I think this means she is officially a toddler. She still falls down a lot, but this does not stop her from attempting to do all the things Hadley does.

We went to the park a lot this week, but I didn't bring the camera because watching two kids at a park is about all I can handle. Yesterday when we were there, I wondered how lifeguards at the pool keep track of all the kids when I am scrambling to watch two. I guess I shouldn't apply to be a lifeguard when I decide to go back to work.

However, one spot that the girls love and we have been monopolizing all week long is the blacktop on the side of our building. We've been doing hopscotch, throwing a ball around, blowing bubbles, and Hadley and I have even attempted to play baseball. Hadley, in her brutal honesty, told me, "Mom, you're not too good." And she's right. Anybody who gets their tooth knocked out in the dugout of a baseball game has no business trying to teach someone else how to play the game.

Here are a few pictures:

This is Harper trying to figure out how to blow bubbles.

Hadley's getting the hang of hopscotch. Last year, jumping over the square with the rock on it was a little beyond her comprehension I guess.
Hadley's telling Harper about the pine cones that fall from the tree. You can tell Harper's captivated.
Getting ready to rule the world.
Here's a short video of them hanging out outside:

Here they are in their matching outfits having more fun outside.

Hadley's working on her name.
Harper's doing a little writing, too.
Are the 90's calling, or what? These two look like they're about to be in a Milli Vanilli video.
Speaking of music videos, when we got inside, Hadley asked if she could workout. I said, "Really? You want to workout?" She said, "Yea, I need to workout." So I put a workout on from the On Demand listings and here's what she did:

Leaves you wanting more, right?


Mink said...

holy cow, hadley's workout is awesome. she really keeps up well! i'm impressed. drill team, here she comes!

Tara Shuple said...

Okay - tell Hadley I am going to steal her choreography for my classes tonight! Wow...I LOVE it I needed a smile today!!!