Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hanging Out at the White House

A girl I went to Junior High and High School with works at the White House. Personally, I like to think I had a hand in her getting to where she is today because I was her 8th grade science partner. Together, we invented an "Aid for Arthritis" contraption that allows one to put lotion on ones hands without having to press the lotion pump. How's that for Health Care?
Anyway, she contacted me on Friday and wanted to know if I would like a couple of tickets to the Easter Egg Roll on Monday. I have wanted to go to this since Hadley was born (so all of three years), and I was very excited to have the chance to go.

Riding the Metro was a highlight for Hadley.
When we got on the Metro, there were quite a few people on already. As we were waiting to pull away, Hadley said, "Mama, do we have to be quiet?" I told her we could talk and this gave her the go ahead to scream, "Whheeeeee!!!" as we pulled away.

After a little walk and a little line waiting, we entered the Easter Egg Roll.

Once we got in, they attached a bracelet to Hadley. She didn't want to take it off until Jesse got home so she could show him.
We started with the Egg Roll. Everything had a line, but they moved fast. It was like being at a fair except you're on the lawn of the White House. THE WHITE HOUSE!

For the Egg Roll, Hadley needed to roll an egg down a lane with a giant spoon.
I was trying to explain the concept to Hadley as we were standing in line so she'd know what to do when it was her turn. These activities move fast because there are a million people waiting to roll eggs or what have you. And I knew Hadley wasn't going to "just do it." She needs time to prepare. What color is the egg? What color is the spoon? What is a lane? Will I be able to eat the egg? Is the egg chocolate? I really like chocolate, Mama. Do you have any juice? You get the idea.

Hadley completed the Egg Roll and wanted to do the Egg Hunt next, but on our way to that we saw:

No, not the President. Dora! Dora the Explorer! We stood in line waiting to say hi and take a picture.
I'm not sure, but I think from the look on Hadley's face, this will get on the "Top 10 Awesome Things I've Done Before I Was Four" list.
We had to take a picture of Dora's backpack for Harper.
While we were in line for the Egg Hunt, the cast from Glee was singing on stage and I had my own Dora the Explorer moment. Jesse and I love this show. I took way too many pictures of the cast, but I'll only post a couple.

Then on to the Egg Hunt.
Hadley liked this a lot, but was annoyed she could only look for two eggs. Once she filled her basket with two eggs, the ladies told her she needed to exit. Hadley was not happy. At least I wasn't the one who told her it was time to go this time.

One thing we didn't have to stand in line for was the Cherry Blossoms.
Hadley was trying to catch the pedals that were falling to the ground.

Hadley also got to do a little soccer, basketball, and golf while we were there.

Clearly dressing up for this is not the most practical idea.
Hadley had her own way of holding the golf club despite what the guy was trying to show her.
A hole in 45! With a little help....

Right before we left, Hadley and I got to hear Sara Bareilles sing.
Hadley loved her. After a few songs, Sara Bareilles said, "I was just told I have 2 minutes so I can either sing part of a song or tell some jokes." Hadley yelled, "Sing a song!"
I liked her too, but I still own a Tiffany cassette tape, so I'm not sure I know what I'm talking about.

Hadley got a souvenir egg that she held the entire walk to the Metro. She held it very carefully on the ride to Silver Spring, and "put it to sleep" while we ate lunch together (she covered it with napkins from the restaurant).

We had a great time. Hadley was so worn out she fell asleep before we even got out of the parking lot.

(Yes, we took Goofy along. Goofy is the love of Hadley's life right now. I convinced her to leave him in the car while we were at the White House, but had to reassure her that he was just fine several times.)


Valerie said...

What a great post and great memories! Thanks for making me smile!

Tara Shuple said...

OMG!!! What an awesome experience for Hadley!! SO COOL!!!