Monday, April 26, 2010

Entering the Work Force

Thursday was "Take Your Kid To Work Day" at NOAA, and this year Hadley participated.

She got to ride on the train.

She got to work at Daddy's desk.
There were lots of activities for Hadley to participate in.  I'm not sure, but I think putting on this mask was a highlight.  Hadley is taking swimming lessons right now, and she's not a huge fan of going underwater.  Every time we have a conversation about swimming, she tells me she's not going under water unless she has a mask.  It looks like she's all set to dive in in this picture.
She worked on a couple of art projects (making a snail and a planet).
And she got to touch a turtle.
I think she had a fun day, and she came away with a pack back, water bottle, and an official NOAA badge.  Not too shabby.

While Hadley and Jesse were at work, Harper and I spent the morning at Washingtonian Center.  I thought she would like to have the chance to walk around and do whatever she wanted for a change since I'm usually juggling the two kiddos when we go places.  Well, Harper was a grump.  She just kept crying, "Ahhdley, Ahhdley." (Hadley)  She would walk a little bit and then say, "Oh no, Ahhdley bah bye.  Oh no!"  

But we met Hadley and Jesse for lunch in Silver Spring, and Harper perked up then.  
She was also happy to play on the rocks outside of the Discovery Channel building while we waited for her older sister.
Jesse took us to The Greek Place for lunch before the girls and I went back home.  Hadley had fries with a side of fries.
And Harper enjoyed her lunch, too.

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