Monday, April 12, 2010


The pictures from this post were taken before the big White House trip, but I still want to post them even though it will be out of order. Probably the only person this bothers is me, however, I wouldn't want to confuse anyone and lead you all to think you're reading about an event that happened when it didn't.

We took a trip to Leesburg, Virginia to check out an outlet mall last Saturday. Jesse was looking for some wedding attire (not his own, mind you), and wanted to check out a few of the stores. While he did that, the girls and I played on the many different modes of transportation outside.

The fact that Hadley doesn't want the cars, helicopters, etc. to move saves us a ton of money since you get about 10 seconds for every quarter you put in the machine. I could be wrong, but I swear you could put a penny in that horse at Meijer and it would go for at least an hour. Anyway, Hadley and Harper had a great time climbing on the different things to climb on and pretending they were going really fast.

Poor girl behind Hadley is patiently waiting for the merry-go-round to move. Sorry sweatheart, Big H likes it to stand still.

Harper takes her airplane in the race car just in case she needs it.

Do you like that nice scratch on Harper's nose? That happened on my watch. We were outside playing on the black top and Harper fell. You see, from about 3 in the afternoon until Jesse gets home, my main goal in life is to sit down. Mama gets lazy. So I sat down on the black top to enjoy a little sunshine while the girls played and that's when Harper fell.

We went to dinner after a little shopping. Here's a couple of shots of Harper having a little drink.

I put these in here because I'm collecting evidence to show that Harper is a full on diva. She is perfectly capable of drinking out of a sippy cup or a cup with a straw all by herself, but she absolutely refuses. She wants to be served. She's happy to play with the cups we give her, and that makes a nice big mess, but if we expect her to drink from a cup we need do it. The same is true for the bottle. Clearly she gets this from Jesse. He is so high maintenance.

The reason for this out of order post is the way we got to Leesburg in the first place. As some of you might know, the Potomac River runs between Maryland and Virginia. One way you can get to Leesburg is by taking a ferry across the river. Which is what we did.

I thought this was so cool.
So did Hadley.

Here we are driving onto the ferry.

Here's Virgina.
And here's Maryland.
And here's Jesse's new toy making sure the ferry is taking us where we need to go, and not out to the Atlantic Ocean.
So that's the post from last weekend. I promise to put all future posts in chronological order from now on.

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Shani said...

What I appreciated most about this post are the pictures of Maryland and Virginia.
And yes, Jesse is VERY high maintenance. Who else makes you ride a ferry just to go shopping? :)