Monday, June 21, 2010

The Beach

Saturday we took a trip to Deleware to spend some time at the beach.

Here's a shot of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge:

Another shot from the bridge.
The day was a perfect day to go because it wasn't humid, and there were lots of clouds, so just when you thought it was too hot, you'd get a little relief from the clouds.  There was a nice breeze, too.

The girls loved it.  They played in the sand for hours.

They also enjoyed the water. 

This was a huge difference for Hadley from the last time we took her to the beach.  She hated it.

But she really enjoyed the water this time around.
Harper had a great time too and literally played until she crashed.

Taking two kids to the beach is no day at the beach, let me tell ya.  But it was fun.  The "new fun" in our household.  Definetely worth all the preparations it took to get there.

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JaViErItA said...

esas niƱitas son tus hijitas?
son muy bonitas.
yo vivo en chile.