Tuesday, June 8, 2010


What's Chicakron?  It's the word that is created when you combine "Chicago" and "Akron."  That was the theme for this past weekend as we celebrated my brother Geoff, and my new sister-in-law Kellee, as they got married.

Here's a picture of the two families in our Chicakron shirts the night before the wedding.  It's been noted several times, but I just have to comment again that there is a crazy bunch of similarities in this group of people's names.  We have Kellee and Callie which could be slightly confusing.  And then there's Hallie, Kellee's sister, who was the Maid of Honor.  I was the Best Man, so we had a "Hallie - Callie" tag team going on (I hope I spelled her name correctly).  Then there's Jesse.  You know Jesse, right?  The father of the two subjects of this blog?  Well, Kellee has another sister named Jessie.  So that got confusing at times.  But I think we all pulled through and had ourselves a great time.

Of course, the weekend was busy as we ran down the list of things to do marching up to the big event.
We had a rehearsal.

We're supposed to be praying for the new married couple, but it looks like I'm checking to make sure I put on shoes.

Harper doesn't miss a chance to walk up and down stairs.
And we had a nice dinner at Noyes Street Cafe, in Evanston.
The happy couple...
Here's a shot of the whole group.  I was too busy eating to look at the camera.  Sorry.  When you have a three year old and a one year old you take every opportunity to eat when you can or you don't eat.
Harper, on the other hand, was more interested in working on stickers and keeping a death grip on this baby bottle.
And Hadley had some very important things to say to the people at the table as well.

We also had a lovely dinner at my parents' house the night before the wedding.  That's when we donned our Chicakron tshirts. 
And then it was on to the big day.  I don't have pictures of the wedding or the reception, but I do have some shots of Hadley's favorite part - the limo ride.  She has been asking to drive around in "the big white car" ever since Friday.  All other vehicles are a major disappointment (although my dad took her on the el and a water taxi the next day which I think made up for it).

How excited is Harper? 
We took a few pictures after the wedding.  This is one of Hadley after she said, "Hey!  Somebody take a picture of me!" My humble daughter.
And here's Miss Attitude.  "Fine.  You can go ahead and put me in this dress, but you may NOT comb my hair, and I'm not letting go of Bear or taking out the pacifier.  You all are a bunch of jerks messing around with my free time. I have things to do!"
Here's a picture of Hadley with her Aunt Mallory, who came down to babysit the girls so Jesse and I could go to the reception.  We were VERY thankful she could come to watch the girls. 
And here's one last picture of my family with the beautiful bride and groom.

It was a beautiful wedding, and we were so happy to be a part of it.

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