Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Second Trip to the Butterfly Garden

Yesterday the four of us went to Brookside Gardens to check out the butterflies again.  Hadley was very excited to show Jesse all the butterflies she enjoyed taking a look at the last time we were there.
This post will be a lot like the other post on the butterflies we saw.

You'll see the walk we took to get there:

Checking out the greenery.

Climbing on the big rocks:

Stopping to take a lovely picture:

And finally the butterflies.
Harper's in the middle of saying, "A fa-fly!"  That's her version of butterfly.
There were tons of blue morpho butterflies yesterday.  These and monarchs are Hadley's favorite (Fancy Nancy likes blue morpho butterflies). In this picture, there is one in between Hadley and Harper.

We're not quite over the caterpillar incident as you might be able to tell from this picture. 
Look what landed on my shirt.  I almost look happy about it, too.
It was a really hot day yesterday.  Probably not the best day to take your kids to a greenhouse.

One thing the girls got to do that we didn't do the last time was touch different kinds of butterflies. 

No, those are not real caterpillars Harper is holding.  Can you imagine if they were?  The butterflies in the bowl, however, were real at some point.  Thankfully, Hadley didn't ask questions regarding this topic.

I'm sure we'll be back again, although, maybe when it's not as hot.

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