Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Discovery Room

It takes a little advanced planning, but in the summer I love to take the girls to the Discovery Room at our library.  There are two rooms in the library filled with toys that parents can reserve for an hour at a time, and let their kids play.  I like going in the summer because of the insane heat that comes to live in the DC area.  But the rooms fill up fast so I have to reserve them weeks in advance, hence the advanced planning.
Yesterday we were in my favorite of the two rooms.  This one is smaller, but it has great big windows that I can look out at the neighborhood while the girls play.

Isn't this the cutest little grocery stand?

Harper is on a very important conference call.

Like I mentioned, the girls played, and I got to do this:
I took this picture and was reminded of the book Fair and Tender Ladies by Lee Smith.  The book's story is told through a series of letters written by the main character.  In one of the letters, the woman tells a friend, who must've been overwhelmed with several responsibilities, to pour herself a cup of coffee and put her feet up.  I think that's great advice.

Once are hour was up, the girls and I went around the corner to Starbucks for a snack.

One hand on the juice, one hand on the donut.  No one will get hurt as long as you all stay away from my snack, understand?
And when the music's good, sometimes you just gotta stand on your chair and dance.

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Keri said...

That is a brilliant idea on your library's part, love it! Glad you got to put your feet up for a bit.