Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Da Da Doo Doo Just Dance

Hadley started dance class a few weeks ago, and it has been a riot thus far.  Hadley loves it.  One thing I know about my oldest daughter is that she loves group activities, and she loves music.  In this class, they get to prance around with pretty wands, flap their arms up and down while leaping in the air, spin around waving fancy scarves, it's all very Fancy Nancy.  For 45 minutes every week I get to watch what looks like a mime production of popcorn popping.

The best part?  Hadley gets to wear ballet shoes, and a leotard.

The fun doesn't stop when we leave class, folks.  Oh no.  We carry on the dance party at home, too.

Harper wanted to have a leotard and ballet shoes as well, so I compromised.  She's wearing a onesie and Dora slippers.
It was only a matter of time before they got bit by the dance bug.  After all, their father has four completely different ranges of motion.


Valerie said...

I totally cracked up at Jesse yelling "Twirl! Twirl!"

How cute are they!!!

I can only imagine what a roomful of little dancing girls looks like! I think your description brought it to life, though!

Tara Shuple said...

That is a priceless video. I CANNOT believe she said she needs a boy to dance with her!!!! She is 4 going on 14!!!!! Tell her I LOVE a good dance party - we will get it rockin in a few weeks!

Mink said...

i love the dripping sarcasm of your "yeah you are." it's so callie and makes me miss you! i agree too--needing a boy to dance with is great. now where's the video of jesse's ranges of motion? haven't seen those in almost 20 years... (seriously? 20 years? almost.)