Friday, October 8, 2010

Hanging Out with Dino and Elephant

I believe I've set up a nice little schedule for me and the girls this fall.  Oh, how I love a schedule.  Anyway, the only day that we don't have something planned is Wednesday.  So it has the potential for being a bit of a free for all (a great fear of mine), but this past Wednesday we had a good time.

We went out out for breakfast.

Why bring the food up to your mouth when this is just as effective?

Food on the face.  Always. 

We played with Play-doh.

Before I took this picture I told both of them they had to clean it all up if they wanted to play with something else.  Hadley's like, "Wha?"  And Harper's already got her finger pointed to Hadley.  "Go ahead, Hadley.  You can pick it up.  I didn't do much but sit here anyway."
But the highlight was dressing up in Halloween costumes.  What?  She let them play in their Halloween costumes?  But it isn't Halloween!  This is just going to cause all sorts of problems.  I'll tell you what.  I use the same philosophy with Halloween costumes as I did with my wedding dress.  Wear it if ya got it, you know what I mean?  Why not put on that dress and pretend you're Scarlet O'Hara when everyone is out of the house?  All that tulle is just going to waste otherwise.  Tulle is meant to be worn, and frequently. 

Just like an elephant and dinosaur costume.
My mom - of all people - asked me if I made these costumes.  Mom, whose daughter did you think you were talking to?  Do I need to remind you of the sequins you tried to sew to my leotard for Drill Team?  No, no.  I did not make these costumes.  Just the children in them.


Katie said...

I want to see a picture of you in your wedding dress now. Scrubbing the toilet or something like that.

Tara Shuple said...

The only costume I could "make" would be with glue and staples and I am not sure anyone would want to wear staples!! Love seeing them interact....looking forward to our visit!!