Monday, October 18, 2010

How to Eat a Donut By Harper Anne

First.  There is no need for your hands.  They'll just get in the way.
Second. Ignore everyone's reactions and just keep eating.

Third.  The only thing your hands are good for is to hold on to the sides of your chair to push you further into the donut.  That is a good use for hands in this situation.

 Fourth. It's good to have a wipe.  I am a lady, after all.

 Fifth. Watch out for your sister.  She might eat a donut differently (some might say "the correct way"), but she doesn't leave any chocolate to waste.  She will lick the chocolate off your cheek and that is a hard fact.  So just watch out for those siblings. 

Do you see her in the background?  Can I get a witness people?  She's coming for that chocolate!
Repeat the above steps as many times as your parents will allow.

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Valerie said...

Joshua loved these pictures. He now knows Harper's name. He thinks she's pretty cute. We're one step closer to walking them down the aisle.