Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why Picking out PVC Pipe and Choosing from 216 Sandwiches is Awesome

Yesterday we took a trip to Home Depot to check out PVC pipes (I think).

We needed to be in this aisle looking at whatever we were looking at because we currently do not have a washer.  As in, to wash one's clothing.  Well, we have one.  We actually have a pretty nice looking one.  Except that it's in our living room.  Next to the bookshelf.  I didn't take a picture of it because of all the things I want to remember about this particular event in our lives, a picture of the washer in my living room is not something I need to see.  I'd rather remember this:
We went shopping for birthday presents on Saturday and apparently went to the wrong store.  All we needed to do was buy different pieces of PVC pipe and throw them in cardboard boxes and we're golden.  Hadley and Harper made telescopes, whistles, snakes, all sorts of things while Jesse looked for a little piece that was going to help him install the washer. 

I stood by very patiently and didn't worry at all about when I will be able to wash my underwear again.

All that looking at PVC pipe worked up our appetite, so we went to Roy's Place. 

Jesse says, "Let's check this place out.  They have a lot of sandwiches."  If you asked me which character on Friends that I most resemble, I'd want to say Rachel but really it's Joey because I don't like to share food at all, and I love sandwiches.  So I was up for going to Roy's Place. 

Jesse suggested I look at the menu before we went but, and here's another weird thing about me, I hate looking at the menu before I go anywhere.  I don't know why. I also don't know why I don't like to share food, but it's out there and make of it what you will.  However, I should have looked at the menu because Roy's Place has 216 sandwiches to choose from.  Two hundred and sixteen!  And there are no categories.  It's just page after page of a different kind of sandwich with these catchy titles and funny little tweet like anecdotes after them.  I was completely overwhelmed. 

Harper is re-enacting how I felt while looking at the menu.  Also, she was ticked off because she had to sit in a high chair.

I eventually made a decision and went with the 216th sandwich - a caprese with marinated peppers.  I thought this was a safe choice because it came on bread that I knew wouldn't get soggy.  I hate soggy bread.  I also hate sandwiches where the stuffing comes out and dribbles down your arm.  So I stayed away from any sandwich with the words "smothered" in the description.  I'll have you know that marginally narrowed down my choices despite the frequency that this word occured in the menu.

Jesse chose "The Father's Regret."  I don't remember what was on it, but the waiter, who reminded me of Matt Sorenson said it was his favorite.  I wanted to say, "Of all 216 sandwiches!?!?!"   But I didn't want to hurt Matt's feelings. 

While we waited for our sandwiches, we made mustaches out of straws and straw wrappers.

When our sandwiches came, we were not at all disappointed.  They were delicious.  Mine was very tasty and not at all soggy, and Jesse couldn't stop talking about how fantastic his sandwich was. 

So Roy's provided us with a fun, tasty dinner.  We both agreed we'd come back again.  Certainly for the sandwiches, but also because it reminded us of South Bend. This place has the same kind of character as Corby's or Macris.

And it was such a fun dinner we almost forgot about the washer sitting in our living room.  Almost.


erica said...

I must know where Roy's is. I am all about the sandwiches!!!

Callie said...

Hey Erica! It's in Old Town Gaithersburg. Do you know where Growlers is? It's right around that area. There's a link on this post and I think the address is on it. It's worth checking out. We had a good time.

Shani said...

Two things: I always crack up with the advertisements that show up at the bottom of your posts :). Second, that straw/marker/nose trick is a classic. I'm pretty sure I should find the picture of Jesse doing this at about age 14 and forward it to you.