Monday, August 17, 2009

Bound to Happen

These days if we want to go to the park, we need to go when the crickets are still up, which is convenient since I think my girls have died if they are sleeping past 7. So this weekend we headed over to the park to play first thing in the morning so we could get there before we could worry whether or not the slides would melt in the heat (talk about leeching!).

Here are a few pictures:

This park is an excellent park, but it is pretty advanced and it gets crowded. We had the place to ourselves for the most part, so it was easy to follow Hadley around, up and down, and through all the equipment.

And as exciting as a day at the park is, the weekend had more excitement in store for us, and that was our first trip to the ER with Hadley.

Recently Hadley has taken an interest in the jar of coins that we have in our bedroom. I think this is because of two reasons: 1)we play "store" with her cash register and we just have dollar bills, no coins, and we have to have a rather lengthy discussion every time about why we don't have coins in the cash register (you would think that "because it didn't come with coins" would be enough, but it's not). 2)on an episode of Dora, she plays with or uses coins.

We have told Hadley numerous times she is not allowed to play with this jar, and it's not like we have it sitting on the floor with lights shining down on it and heavenly music playing "come and play with me dear Hadley." She can't reach it, and she has to go out of her way to find it.

But where there's a will there's a way, and this weekend Hadley found a way to not only get the jar of coins, but she also managed to drop the entire thing on her foot. And that is why Jesse rushed Hadley off to the ER. I won't go into detail, but her big toe resembles another certain someone that I know who likes to play basketball, and his name rhymes with "Schmeoff."

So here is a picture of Hadley after her return from the ER. There were no broken bones or anything like that. Just a very bad bruise.

I am sorry she got hurt. I felt miserable the rest of the day and kept going over how I could've prevented it. What really got me was that I couldn't go with her to the ER (I stayed at home with Harper, and Jesse went), and then seeing her come home with the hospital bracelet around her wrist. But she is fine and just as happy as ever, so we are all thankful for that.


Peggy said...

So happy it wasn't the coins that sometimes, somehow, seem to disappear down the throat. I'm glad Hadley weathered her trip to the ER, I'm anxious to hear what she had to say about it.

shani said...

Ack! Hope the foot is better :(. Must have been nerve-wracking.

Tara Shuple said...

aww...always good to get the first ER trip under the belt....soon, you will be like the Shuple's...."pack a bag, grab some books a snack, the DS...."oh, and a sweatshirt..... :)