Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's Good to Share

Yesterday, we went to Silver Spring to meet Jesse after work and play in the fountain that is sort of in the "center" of the downtown area. Here are some pictures:

I'm so happy even though I have no teeth!

The pictures are really an excuse for posting what I really want to share here, and that is the conversation Hadley, Jesse and I had tonight. Harper was on the floor happily playing with a large blue basket when Hadley sat down in front of her and faster then you can say, "Give it!", took it away from her. Jesse and I both exclaimed, "No, no, Hadley! Harper was playing with that! You need to share!"

Hadley thought about this for awhile and said, "How do you share it?"

I said, "You have to wait until Harper is done with it, or come up with a game where you both can play with it at the same time."

This is what Hadley said, word for word, and I am not making this up:
"Hmmmm....why don't we play a game where I take this away from Harper?"

Jesse looked at me and said, "She's clever. You have to give her that."


Keri said...

This is hilarious! Hadley literally makes me lol. :)

Dave said...

Lisa again...not Dave. :)
We absolutely MUST get Hadley and Jeffrey together! They will either hit it off in a big way or beat each other up. Either way, it would make for great entertainment and tons of writing material! I love hearing the things Hadley says...she is definitely going to keep you on your toes!