Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So You See She's Not Always in a Stroller....

Here are a few videos of Harper hard at work:

And here is a video that explains why I usually keep Harper in the stroller:

Finally, here is one more with Harper doing just about the same thing, only doing it with a different toy:

Harper is trying very hard to figure out how to crawl. She is so close, but one of her legs wants to stay put and she doesn't understand how to get it out of the way so she can push herself up to all fours. It's fun to watch her try and figure it out, but she gets frustrated at times. She is different then Hadley in that way. Hadley never really seemed to care what she could and couldn't do. She's always been happy to be at whatever stage she's been at.

Another way Harper and Hadley are different from each other is during story time. Around six months, we started reading to Hadley before she went to bed. She usually sat on our laps and listened to the stories we read. Before she could talk, she would sometimes put her hand on a page to let us know she wanted to check it out for a bit longer. When we read to Harper, it is almost like a wrestling match. She wants to see, touch, and eat the book. The funniest part about our reading time together is the minute one of us says the title, Harper starts laughing. It doesn't matter what title it is, she'll laugh at it. This gets even more interesting when I'm reading to both of them before their afternoon nap. Harper starts laughing and Hadley will join along, but you can tell it's just a "courtesy laugh" and clearly Hadley is confused as to what is so funny about the story.

As for Hadley, well, she says hysterical things every day. Here's a conversation that took place on Monday evening when we were trying to get Hadley to use the potty before we took her outside. The conversation started in our bedroom with Jesse asking Hadley if she'd use the bathroom so we could all go outside. She told him no, she wouldn't, and walked down the hall. After a bit, Jesse called for Hadley but Hadley wouldn't respond. She was now in the living room playing with Harper. I said, "Hadley, Daddy wants to talk to you." Hadley yelled down the hallway to our bedroom, "Whadya wanna talk about, Daddy? You wanna talk about the potty that I don't want to use?"


Mink said...

oh, man, she's so cute. that is what clifton and i called the golden age of naomi's life. it was a short-lived period, but she was so happy all the time and content to sit and play. we miss those days now that she's developed some attitude. :) we can't wait to meet the girls!

Valerie said...

What a character Hadley is! Sounds like she keeps you guys on your toes. That story about her and you guys talking about sharing with Harper is hysterical.

Tara Shuple said...

LOVE IT!!! Cannot wait to see the girls..Live and In Person (just like Sesame Street Live!) ...the comments only get more jaw-dropping the older they get!!:)