Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Splash Park and Double Ear Infection

I'm doubling up entries hence the title. Over the weekend, we took the girls to a splash park in our neighborhood. For about $5, you get an all day pass to run around like a crazy person in all different kinds of water fountains. We took a few pictures, but it was so hard to get any good ones because Hadley never stopped moving. But it's a great park, and what's nice is you can leave and come back if you want. Plus, it's in the middle of a giant park with lots of trails. Harper and I went for a walk around the area for a bit while Hadley and Jesse played in the water. Here are a few pictures:
I think she's trying to get a drink here:

Taking a rest in the little tent:

I don't have a picture of Harper at the splash park because she hated it. I think the water and the screaming kids were too loud for her. Hadley was like that at this age as well. She liked taking baths, but we took her to the ocean when she was around Harper's age and she was pretty scared of it.

However, here is a picture of Harper and her Daddy on Monday night:

Harper has an ear infection in both ears, so she's had a rough time of it the past few days. Although, she has been quite happy for the most part. It's just that minor detail of getting sleep that seems to be causing trouble. On Monday she took her normal morning nap, but that was it until 6 at night when she was sitting on this chair with Jesse and just dozed off. Believe me, I tried to get her to sleep! Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that Mama does not mess around with nap times. My life is scheduled to a tee around the girls' naps. We have none of this "they'll just sleep in the stroller or carseat" stuff. Anyway, Harper didn't want to take an afternoon nap and I'm sure it had something to do with her ears. So she played quite happily for several hours in the afternoon and then fell asleep around the time Jesse got home. Needless to say, I was a little frazzled on Monday evening. I don't do well when the plan is foiled. But here we are on Wednesday and the ladies are fast asleep for now.

Here's one more picture of Hadley eating dinner last night. I mentioned earlier that she wears this purple hat on a daily basis, and I was not exaggerating. Apparently it wasn't too hot to wear a winter hat, but it was too hot to wear her dress appropriately.

It takes "Girls Gone Wild" to a whole new level.


Katie said...

When Luke is hot, he takes his shirt off. I'm OK with it because his Daddy does, too. But guess who else learned that trick? The one who doesn't take NO for an answer yet.

Tara Shuple said...

Let's just hope this is as "wild" as she gets.....doubt it!! :)